The world we are living in today is very different from the one that existed a hundred years ago the scenario has changed during the last few decades.
Today knowledge and human resources have a pivotal role to play. Countries that have recognized the importance and significance of commerce education are way ahead of those who have ignored it. The Muslim postgraduate college of commerce and management sciences was established in 1996. The principal along with his senior colleagues made tremendous efforts dedicated and selfless struggle, and their sincere cooperation led the achievement of the goal in a very short time and today by the grace of Allah, the Muslim post graduate college of commerce and management sciences enjoys such a prestigious position in the whole province that other can only dream of it. The story of the Muslim postgraduate college started right from the time of its inception by showing brilliant results in the various examination of BTE Peshawar. A shining jewel was added to the crown of the college in 1999, when two students Syed Aale Safi and Irfan Ullah , got 1st and 2nd position in the whole province in D.Com exam securing 580 and 548 record breaking marks. Right from that ceaseless flow of top positions met with Muslim Postgraduate College of Commerce and Management Sciences Peshawar.
The college tremendously secured 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions in the whole province in 2001, 2002 and 2003 consecutively not only in D.Com but in DBA as well, Moreover five out of top ten positions in the province were grabbed by the students of MPGCCMS. Another chapter of success was added to the golden history of this institution in the year 2000, when Syed Ale Safi of this college designated “STAR BOY OF THE YEAR” in the field of Technical education on all Pakistan bases. He was awarded this prestigious prize on 23rd April 2000 at the grand ceremony held at Avari Hotel Karachi. Beyond any doubt , Aale Safi was the first but not the last “STAR BOY” he was followed by Muhammad Owais Qazi, Ghafar Ali and Saeed Gul who have been awarded the same Title in Al –Hamra Auditorium Karachi on 24th May 2003. Muslim college has not only remained unravel in the examinations conducted by university of Peshawar and KPK Agricultural University respectively Muslim college showed tremendous results when Subhanullah a student of this college stood first in the whole province in B.COM-II examination held in 2003.
Along with them Imran Nabi, Singh and Salman Ali added a new chapter , to the dignity of the college when they stood 3rd and 4th respectively in the whole province in B.COM-I examination. In DBA Ghafar Ali got 1st Position in Technical Board while Kamran Abbas of the same group stood 2nd in province, Mubashar Ahmad of DBA got 1st position in technical Board with the blessing of Allah the Muslim College is on the way towards its motto of supplying motivated, patriotic and honest leadership to the country in the field of commerce and business. By the grace of Allah we have been affiliated to KPK Agricultural University Peshawar for BBA (hons).
Right from 2003 up to 2006 these years will be written with gold letter in the history of The Muslim College because in every result declaration either from Board of Technical Education in the discipline of D.COM and DBA or from university of Peshawar in B.COM and B.COM (hons). The industrious and intelligent students of The Muslim College maintained their supremacy and dignity on top positions. Their magnificent success was not a matter of chance of fortune but they methodically and functionally proved themselves as strong pillar in the field of commerce and applied business education. Here its worth mentioning to highlight the names of these genius students , Kamal Mehmood and Qazi inayat Ullah got Gold medal from university of Peshawar in B.COM Exam, Hameed Ullah safi grabbed 1st position from BTE having an unbreakable academic record and on account of his spectacular academic performance president General Pervez Musharraf awarded him with presidential award in Islamabad in grand function , Qamar Abbas, Kamran got 1st Position in DBA-I the continuity of this wonderful journey is further strengthened by some others talented and intellectual students of the college in terms of top positions both from BTE and university of Peshawar in different academic sessions including Shahzad Ahmad Malik , Ali Gohar and Wahid Khan got 1st , 2nd and 3rd positions from BTE NWRP Peshawar, in B.Com result declaration the senior students also proved their worth effectively.
Sardar Attique and Taimur Ashiq Hailed 1st and 2nd position from University of Peshawar in B.COM Part-II the thirst of the students is not ceased and quenched and they went on getting marvelous position by the grace of Allah from University of Peshawar. Dost Muhammad, Noor Muhammad and Ihsan Ullah came forward to play their key and magical role and grabbed respectively 1st 2nd and 3rd position in B.Com Part-I from University of Peshawar.
From 2006 onward The Muslim Postgraduate College of Commerce & Management sciences has been started consistently grabbing top 50 positions in the discipline of D.Com/DBA from Board of Technical Education KPK Peshawar in top 10 positions in the discipline of B.Com from university of Peshawar. The College has been showing tremendous result in the discipline of BBA (Hons). A statistical and mathematical view can be presented in order to support the above mentioned statement from 2006 to 2010.
Session 2006: Dost Muhammad 1151 1st D.Com-II, Ihsan Ullah 1142 2nd D.Com-II, Ravi Mohan 1113 3rd D.Com-II, Noor Muhammad 1091 1st DBA-II, Sajid Nabi 1059 2nd DBA-II, Ishtiaq (Abbottabad) 1053 3rd DBA-II. Ghaffar All 1st B.Com &Abdul Majid 2nd B.Com University of Peshawar.
Session 2007: Qamar Abbas 1196 1st D.Com-II, Kamran ljaz 1159 2nd D.Com- II, Sheraz Khan 1133 3rd D.Com-II, Muhammad Ahmad Siddiqi 1157 1st DBA-II, Ahmad Asif Shah 1127 2nd DBA-II, Asim Shah 1127 2nd DBA-II, Hafiz Murtaza Hussain 1113 3rd DBA-II. Sardar Ateeq 1st B.Com, Taimoor Ashiq 2nd & Sanaullah 3rd in B.Com University of Peshawar
Session 2008: Wahid Khan 1005 1st D.Com-II, All Gohar 1000 2nd D.Com-II, Wajid lqbal 996 3rd D.Com-II, Najeeb Ullah 1097 1st DBA-II, SaleemShahzad 1091 2nd DBA-II, QaiserAbbas 1087 3rd DBA-II Noor Muhammad 1st, Dost Muhammad 2nd & Sajid Nabi 3rd & Noor ul Hadi 2nd in (hons) University of Peshawar
Session 2009: Muhammad Taimoor 1053 1st D.Com-II, Fahad Ibne Sheharyar 1035 2nd D.Com-II, Wahab All Siddiqi 1034 3rd D.Com-II, Shahzad Khan Durrani 1139 3rd DBA-II. M. Adnan Khan 1st, Kausar ljaz 2nd in & Ahmad Asif Shah 3rd in University of Peshawar
Session 2010: Firasat Ullah Afridi 1025 1st D.Com-II, Ghulam Nabi 1017 2nd D.Com- II, ShoaibAhmad 1017 2nd D.Com-II, Kaleem Anwar 1016 3rd D.Com- II, QaisAbdurRasheed 11402ndDBA-II, Abdul Basit 11224,hDBA-II. All Gohar 1st,Wajid iqbal 2nd in &Wajid Khan 3rd in University of Peshawar
Session 2011: Muhammad Flassan 1054 1st D.Com-II, Muhammad Yacioob Sahi 1010 2nd D.Com-II, Samiullah 1007 3rd D.Com-II, Qazi M. Ahmac Jan 1183 3rd DBA-II. Wahab All Siddiqui 1st, Kawsar Khan 2nd & Samiullah 3rd in, Kaleem Ullah 1st (Hons), Qaiser Khan 2nd (Hons) & lmtiaz Khan 3rd (Hons).
Session 2012: Saadat All 1053 1st D.Com-II, Flassan Tariq 1045 2nd D.Com-II, Kamran Khan 1039 3rd D.Com-II, Shadab Ahmad 1179 1st DBA-II, Kamran Wali 1141 2nd DBA-II, Waleed Khan 1128 3rd DBA-II. Qais Abdur Rasheed 1st, Firasat Ullah Afridi 3rd & Hazrat Bilal 1st B.Com (Hons), Ihsan Ullah 2nd B.Com (Hons), Rehmat Ullah 3rd (Hons)
Session 2013: Muhammad Sohaib 1058 1stD.Com-II, Nabi Ullah 1026 2nd D.Com- II, Waqas Khan 1026 2nd D.Com-II, Muhammad Farjad Ali 1025 3rd D.Com-II, Zeeshan Ahmad 1152 1st DBA-II, Muhammad Wajahat Waheed 1139 2nd DBA-II,Zain Ullah 1133 3rd DBA-II. Khizar Hayat 1st, Irfan Ullah Hassan 2nd, Syed Waqar Shah 3rd , Muhammad Rafi, Adnan Khan, Behram Khan go 1st 2nd & 3rd Position in B.Com (Hons). In the same session college took the step towards technology and The Muslim College of Technology came in to being. In the very first result Shahbaz Ali got 1st position in electrical technology Javed Khan 2nd and Zain ul Abdeen got 3rd position in Board. In Civil Technology Syed Shahab Ali shah got 1st position in Board.
Session 2014: Shakirullah 1033 1st D.Com-II, Wasim Ahmad 1025 2nd D.Com-II, Shahid Sattar 1134 2nd DBA-II, Aqil Mukhtiar got 1st position in Civil Technology in KPK and Naeem Ullah Shah got 1st position in Electrical Technology in KPK. Hassan Tariq 1st in, Saadal Ali 2nd in, Shadab Ali also got 2nd Position in, Nasrullah & Kamran Ali got 1st & 2nd position in University of Peshawar.
Session 2015: Rehmat Nabi 1121 Record Breaking marks in History of BTE got 1st Position. Mudasir Riaz 2nd & Amar Taj 3rd in, Hijratullah got 1st, Hamidullah 2nd & Abdul kareem 3rd Position in DBA in KP. In DAE Civil Technology Shah Saud got 1st position in Civil Technology in Board, Shahbaz Ali got 1st Position in Electrical Technology while Javed Khan & Zain UI Abideen got 2nd & 3rd position respectively. Asmat Ullah 1st in, M. Shoaib 2nd in & M. Amjad got 3rd position in from the University of Peshawar.
Session 2016: Khalil Khan student of D.Com got 2nd position in Board, Nayab Hayat got 3rd and Muhammad Rizwan got 1st position in DBA in whole KPK, Muhammad Hamid got 3rd position in DBA. In Civil Technology Saba Ishfaq got 1st in position in Board. Shakir ullah student of B.Com got 1st position in University of Peshawar , Abdur Razaq 2nd and Wasim Ahmed got 3rd position. In M.Com Imran Ijaz got 1st position in University of Peshawar while Adil Hameed got 2nd position.
Session 2017: Zarak jan student of D.Com got 2nd position in Board while Shah Mureed Dawar and Amir Jan got 3rd position. In Civil Technology Asmat Ullah got 2nd position in Board and Akhtar Munir got 3rd Position in Electrical Technology. Akhtar Munir also topped ETEA entre test of University of Technology Peshawar. Ihsan Ullah of got 1st position in University of Peshawar, Muhammad Sayyam and Nouman Khan got 2nd and 3rd position respectively. In M.Com Subhan Ullah got 1st and saleem khan got 2nd position in University of Peshawar.
Session 2018: In 2018 Syed Ilyas Shah got 1st position in D.Com in whole KPK, Muhammad Faiq Hussain got 2nd while Yasir Nawaz got 3rd position, Azhar Salim student of DBA got 2nd while Raza Hussain got 3rd Position in Board.
We pray to almighty Allah to assist us to provide market oriented products to the nation with a Full-vision to make the beloved country prosperous and strategically a strong nation.
Today we pledge whole heartedly with a sense of strong commitment that this caravan of success and prosperity will be continued (InshAllah).